Rfid Employee Tracking

Rfid Employee Tracking

Get the Best RFID Employee Tracking

Human capital management is a universal and fundamental need for any organization. In that sense, having a real-time employee tracking system is a plus that will help improve the company’s productivity. These automated systems help to improve processes more easily since the control of personnel flow will now be completely automated.

Nowadays you can take advantage of your RFID asset tracking to monitor key personnel of your company, helping you to know their location in real-time, and keep the operability at the top. You should know what is a top real-time RFID employee tracking, how to implement it, and the multiple advantages you will get from this system.

What is a Real-Time Location System (RTLS)?

This technology allows the tracking of assets, people, and even animals within a defined perimeter in real-time. This tracking is done automatically, using triangulation. That is, the individual to be located is monitored from three different Access Points (APs), locating the person with great precision.

One of the great advantages of the latest generation of RTLS is that the registration and monitoring process is unrelated to the person. That is, the staff will not have to worry about registering, logging in, marking cards, or performing any kind of voluntary process to declare that they are in a specific area of the organization.

How Does RTLS RFID Employee Tracking Work?

  1. In the building or area where you want employees to be monitored, several devices, similar to RFID asset tracking equipment, are strategically deployed. The higher the density of devices, the higher the location accuracy. You must then decide how accurately you want to know the location of your staff, and then, with the advice of a top-of-the-line provider such as ENASYS, decide on the number of devices to deploy and their location.
  2. Besides, individuals must use RFID tags. Each member of your staff that you want to be part of your monitoring should wear one. These tags will emit a radio pulse which is the signal that will be picked up by the devices in the network.
  3. The information collected by the antennas in real-time will be sent to your employee & asset tracking software, which will record the position information of each one, with relevant information such as date, time, and any change of location in real-time. You can add more elements that you want the system to record, such as the time spent in a certain area, for example.

What Applications Does an RTLS for Employees Have?

There are multiple uses for a cloud-based RFID asset tracking system applied to your staff. For example, you can generate an alarm to warn when there are few personnel in a specific production area. You can also send an alert to the closest person to a certain location. It will help you to improve the efficiency of your staff in their tasks, reducing, for example, the time your employees spend searching for lost or misplaced tools.

Trust the Experts

If you want to boost your company’s operations and productivity with the best RTLS on the market, you are in the right place. ENASYS is the foremost company in the implementation of monitoring, location, and management systems, and we are ready to take your company to the next level. We work with the most configurable and scalable systems that will help you optimize your processes and gain competitive advantages in your industry. Contact us and learn more about our RFID asset tracking technology and services.



Rfid Employee Tracking

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