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Freight shipping from Colorado to Ohio

How much do you know about freight shipping services? The process is seemingly straightforward for most of us, with few challenges to anticipate. We want to explain a few key issues about freight shipping from Colorado to Ohio to prepare you better when you begin your shipping process.

Difference Between Freight Shipping And Normal Shipping

The first difference is the amount of package involved with each process. Freight shipping handles huge packages, while standard shipping uses small parcels of approximately less than 150 pounds. The freight shipment will have one or two oversized packages in one truck, more pricing, and a different transit time because the package takes a slightly different path than the standard shipment package.

Best Shipping For Equipment Shipping Services

There are several guidelines to define what is different about a freight package. One is that a freight shipment should have extra cushioning, secure packing, and correct labeling to alert handlers of the state of the item inside so they can handle it with caution.

Do You Need A Freight Shipment Broker?

The freight shipment industry began to flourish in the 20th century and has involved allowing in more intermediaries, carriers, and players who all work together to make everything run smooth. The freight industry includes brokers who make the connection between the senders and receivers. Today’s complex shipping processes do need the involvement of shipping brokers who all handle a different part of the harsh terrain.

What Is The Difference Between A Broker And a Forwarder?

The main difference between a broker and a forwarder is that the broker oversees communications between senders and receivers, while the forwarder manages everything about the shipment. The forwarder assumes the role of ensuring the package, providing storage, and facilitating its movement worldwide.

Calculating Freight Fees

The freight fees must be accurate because the package passes through multiple stations, which all use the same formula before forwarding it to the next stage. Generally, freight fees depend on the item’s storage, liability, handling, and physicality.

Accessorial fees add up to the original freight fees, and you can expect some of them will arise out of emergencies. A full truckload carrier will reduce the accessorial charges because they eliminate things like the need to hire an external truck to move items around.

Duration For Full Truck Load Services

This is probably one of the most common questions about freight shipments. The answer is subjective and always depends on the details of the package, origin, shipping route, and destination, among other factors.

Anything can occur during the shipment process, including poor handling, accidental damage, and slow shipping due to external circumstances, as during Covid. Our responsibility is to process the claims and give you the most realistic estimate possible and information on the progress of the package at every juncture until the moment you receive it.

In conclusion, always know that the freight industry has several layers of different moving pieces, and it can feel impossible to run through the chaos without a competent team. Contact us now at (602) 249-5501 for more information on our shipping process and how we can help with dry van shipping quotes, best freight rates, and carriers.


Freight shipping from Colorado to Ohio