Performance Tuner Los Angeles

Performance Tuner Los Angeles

FAQs about Performance chips for cars

  1. How does the performance tuning work?

The fuel-air mixture and ignition timing are adjusted to increase output. This process relies on the injectors, which control fuel injection amount, timing, and pressure. The vector tuning module receives the data from the control unit and processes it using a microprocessor. It then sends this information to the central system via the ECU, where it is modified to make vehicles run more smoothly.

  1. Why and when should one tune their car?

It’s a common misconception that performance tuning, or tuning, your car is only necessary if it runs poorly. The truth is that most cars can run a little better, and while they are already running well, they can run even better with a few tweaks here and there. Most times, this makes for a smoother ride and improves fuel efficiency.  

  1. Why doesn’t the manufacturer just put the vehicle’s value to the maximum?

The company is developing a vehicle for the global market that must meet several specifications. This is mainly related to weather, fuel quality, and vehicle operation methods. In many cases, manufacturers intentionally set these parameters at conservative values for vehicles that have been designed for mass appeal. A car tuned for optimal performance will feel stronger than one set at a conservative value—but it won’t compromise safety.

  1. Is it safe to tune your car?

You should only use a performance chip for a car if you understand how it works and why you’re making any change. And, before making any changes, talk to someone who knows what they’re doing and is comfortable with that kind of work.

Your automobile will create more power with a remapped ECU, which means you’ll be able to reach your target speed faster. By accelerating quickly and changing to a higher gear for the economy, you can save gas and gain better MPG. Furthermore, tuners can be modified to improve mileage by altering the fueling and timing settings.

  1. What is the expected service life of the car after the modification?

Tuning increases the engine’s power by optimizing its components, using tolerances of their parts, and keeping them within their limits at the same time. Experience has shown that diesel engine efficiency can reach up to 60% of its initial value. Regular oil changes and regular service do not reduce the engine life under everyday use. Changing car oil more frequently than recommended by your car manufacturer is only necessary if you drive in constant ‘sports’ style.

  1. Will it affect my insurance?

Yes. Naturally, this depends on individual circumstances, and some insurers do not increase the premiums. Consider consulting your insurance company first and possibly shopping around before you chip your car.

  1. What will happen to my vehicle warranty?

Your vehicle warranty will be affected by remapping. However, many dealerships are aware of remapping and do not fear it. Some of them even offer it. If a manufacturer wants to deny you a warranty claim due to reprogramming, they must prove that the remap directly caused or affected the failure.

Contact us if you have questions about power tuners and performance chips. We deal with power programmers and tuners in Los Angeles and would be happy to discuss the details of our services with you.

Performance Tuner Los Angeles

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