Copier Repair Nj

Copier Repair Nj

Copier repair in NJ does not need to be expensive. Maintenance fees quickly stack up. Legend Business Group, Inc. offers up-front, no-hassle service for almost any copier.

Why should I contract with a copier company?

There are over 10000 parts in a standard copy machine. Intense or even average usage creates wear and tear that will eventually lead to breakage.

When your machine eventually breaks, the costs grow quickly. A visit that does not even yield results tends to cost at least $150. Contracting with a company avoids hidden costs and helps keep equipment in shape to avoid more costly service down the road.

How much does it cost to repair a copier?

Copier repair is not cheap. The average repair runs between $1000 and $14000. This can be as much as the machine itself.

Every part will eventually wear out. Still, with prices continuing to increase, maintenance is more cost effective than purchasing a new piece of equipment.

Avoid hidden fees

Among the most concerning effects of contracting without research are hidden fees. Many companies not only charge for being present but also upcharge on parts.

A simple fix can quickly become a nightmare. More parts can quickly translate to a much higher price than expected.

Should I rent equipment?

If you plan on using your equipment for extended periods, intensely, or periodically, leasing is an option. New machines cost as much as half of a year’s salary which might greatly impact your revenue.

While companies will rent equipment, most expect you to foot the bill for maintenance. Copiers are expensive and renting them at low cost comes with the expectation that the client will ensure operability. This is not unlike using a rental car. Wear and tear are normal, but you cover anything that goes wrong.

Maintenance contracts on rental equipment

Legend Business Group, Inc. brings the same quality service without hidden costs to leased equipment s to owned copiers. Our service contracts are no hassle and built directly into our lease.

We work hard to keep our equipment working for you. A commitment to customer service helps customers avoid expensive repairs.

What makes and models does Legend Business Group, Inc. service?

When you need help with a repair, we stand ready to serve. Our qualified field engineers get you up and running as fast as possible.

We service almost any brand with decades of experience spanning the rise of Xerox, IBM, and Canon. We are particularly familiar with Canon products.

Where can I find qualified copier repair in NJ?

Copier repair does not need to be a hassle. Upcharges and service fees quickly stack up. With copiers being among the largest unforeseen costs, you need reliability and service that keeps your machine running for years to come.

Legend Business Group, Inc. keeps your equipment running smoothly without significantly impacting your revenue. We built our reputation over decades, the old-fashioned way.

Get in touch with our staff today or visit our website for information on repairs, leasing, and contracts.

Copier Repair Nj

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Copier Repair Nj

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