Backcountry Fishing Tours Key West

Backcountry Fishing Tours Key West

If you’re ready for the fishing trip of your life, we have you covered. Then wait no more and call BackCountry Key West Charters, for backcountry fishing tours in Key West.

Can you fish in the Key West?

There are a few places to go fishing in the US, but Key West is definitely the most rewarding one. The Keys fishing is the angler’s dream if you ever dreamt of catching a big one. And the good part is that in the Keys you will have several options depending on what would you like to find or what kind of fishing you prefer:

  • Fishing near the wrecks – the surroundings of the massive but unfinished Fort Jefferson is the last harbor of many ships from different times. A wide variety of species will find the wrecks attractive, dwelling around them so you can catch amberjacks, snappers, or even groupers.
  • Reef fishing – the coral formations around the island are hiding a reach marine life since the reefs act as a natural barrier against storms. Waters are calm, and you can find mackerel, yellowtail snapper, or even a kingfish or a barracuda.
  • Backcountry and flats – if you fancy a seatrout, a bonefish, a snook or a tarpon, you should ask for backcountry fishing tours in Key West. We know the most amazing places where you can get a nice catch while enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

Key West flats and Backcountry

There are approximately 1700 islands located in the Gulf of Mexico and known as the Florida Keys, part of Everglades National Park. Mangroves created a unique ecosystem offering a perfect combination of shallow or skinny waters with abundant wildlife and vegetation.

Whether you prefer to fly fish or to light tackle, you will find plenty of occasions to practice. From Key Largo to Key West, you will find excellent places to fish, and you should not forget that the world capital of fishing, Islamorada is also part of the flats.

What is the best time to fish in the Florida Keys?

The best time is whenever you are visiting Key West and have some time to spare for fishing. With water temperature almost constant above 75ºF from April till June, you will have the chance to catch a nice, big tarpon, a sailfish, or amberjack.

By July most of the migratory fishes will move to come back by next year, leaving behind barracudas or groupers which are present all year long. By November – December fish will start returning to their old places in Everglades and gradually the peak season will pick up.

Nothing can guarantee an abundant fishing trip as this depends very much on the water and the weather conditions. When you are booking you backcountry fishing tours in Key West with BackCountry Key West Charters, we will make sure that you will get all the correct information. One thing you have to know: the magnificent surroundings in the flats will make your family trip enjoyable regardless of the size of the catch.

Backcountry Fishing Tours Key West